Dear Valerie - Thanks for sending the books.  I think they will be helpful for children with autism.  You may find my book The Autistic Brain helpful.


This is the email I received from the amazing Temple Grandin after carefully orchestrating getting the Tony books into her hands. It was a bit of a case of 6 degrees of separation as I started my mission..... A friend of mine was living in Colarado, in the same area as Temple Grandin so she was my first port of call.  She then (my wonderful friend) gave them to her father in law who has a business in Fort Collins where she lives. He then passed the Tony books to his secretary who is a personal  friend of Temple. She then kindly passed them to on to Temple, she read them, sent me that wonderful, albeit short email and the rest is history. Any doubts or fears I was experiencing quickly disappeared on receiving that email. To have someone you admire and respect so much think you are doing something that will help children with autism, really is the biggest compliment of all.....


Temple Grandin