I received an email the Thursday before the Toy Show to say that Tony the Turtle books had been selected for a mention but due to it being live tv there was no guarantee.

I didn't want to get my hopes up just in case but I gathered my nearest and dearest and we took over my Mum's house waiting with bated breath from the moment the show started. It was all very exciting but I kept saying even to be selected was enough still afraid to set my hopes too high. 

Then the book section of the show started.... You could have heard a pin drop, pizza and wine put down, all eyes on the screen... Then there it was, Ryan Tubridy holding up my books recommending them to the nation. The excited screams could have been heard from across the city, I don't think I ever felt so proud. It was very short mention like all the books but it was great. We watched it back about 10 times... 

 Since the show my little turtle is now helping children and parents across the Country and further a field. There has been a huge response and I am thrilled to being kept so busy so a huge thank you to all the Tony fans both old and new:) 


And this is how excited I am about it!!....